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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

After doing stand up for nearly 4 years I've met plenty of fantastic comedians on the circuit. Here's some up and coming comics I urge you to see! NOT IN ORDER, here are my 10:

10) Aaron Hood: Aaron is a dear friend of mine and he has performed since he was a teenager. His political material is not to be missed and his ideas of British society are hilarious.

10) Aaron Hood

9) Nelson Gombakomba: Owner of Gonzos, Nelson's one liners and stories always leave me in stitches, from his many awards to his substantial following, Nelson has great potential.

9) Nelson Gombakomba

8) Dan Collins: A Corby based comic with a successful fringe show, Dan does know how to work an audience. With his fast paced wit and his fantastic roast battle work, he is always fun to have on a bill.

8) Dan Collins

7) Susanna Jones: She may look innocent, but Susanna is anything but! With her brutal roasts and her hilarious songs on being a nerd and vegan. Susanna has a bright future in musical comedy.

7) Susanna Jones

6) Alex Oliver: When I first met Alex nearly two years ago, he left me in stitches and wanting more comedy from him. His fast paced wit and fantastic crowd work gives him a fantastic future.

6) Alex Oliver

5) Kahn Jonson: One of the best MC comics I have ever seen, Kahn is both silly but serious at the same time. His stories of his relationship and his pets leave me in tears after each helping. Who can't love the sleazy vegan himself!

5) Kahn Johnson

4) The Glass Eye Trio: Consisting of Louie Green, Danny Mark and Aaron Spalding, this trio are as good as each other. From Louie's tinder stories, Aaron's pitbull and Danny's squabbles with his wife, they are rapidly gaining a name for themselves and it isn't going away anytime soon.

4) The Glass Eye Trio (Aaron Spalding, Louie Green and Danny Mark).

3) Jenny Beake: Give me a better combination than Jenny and her organ (what am I like). Jenny's hilarious cover songs about Hollister or her past relationships should be chart toppers, definitely one to see.

3) Jenny Beake

2) Martin Westgate: Founder of the highly successful Hooma Comedy Club, Martin has performed all over the country. His fantastic crowd work and fast pace makes him a fantastic MC and his one liners still leave me in stitches after seeing him many many times. One of the best!

2) Martin Westgate

1) Bim Adeyi: Bim is not only one of the funniest up and coming comedians I have seen recently, but also one of the nicest people on the circuit. His jokes about his past while living in Canada and the constantly hilarious 'Mind of Bim' has cemented his place in comedy.

1) Bim Adeyi

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